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There are links to updated vehicle database files on this page. Please go to the main download page if you need to re-install your program.

Updated Vehicle Database For Use With ARSoftware

The Specs-20122.exe file (1.5 MB) is the Canadian Vehicle Specifications Database Version 2012.2 update to be used with WinSMAC 1.x and WinCRASH 2.x. This database includes information for 1971-2012 models and early 2013 models.  


(1) Click on the Specs-20122.exe link to run the self-expanding archive file.

(2) Make sure you expand the file to the correct location. The default location, C:\Program Files\ARSoftware\CanSpecs, is suitable for the latest versions of the software. If you are using WinCRASH 2.0 or WinSMAC 1.0, expand the file to C:\AITools\CanSpecs.

(3) If you have problems running the file by just clicking on the link, try right-clicking the underlined link and select the Save Target As menu option to save the file to your computer. Then run the Specs-20122.exe file from your computer to install the updated ARSoftware-compatible database named specs.mdb to the correct folder.

(4) Check to see if there is an older version of specs.mdb in the WinSMAC or WinCRASH folders. If so, delete it.

Stand-Alone Canadian Vehicle Specifications Program 2012.2 

A new version of the popular Canadian Vehicle Specifications database is now available. The database is provided courtesy of Transport Canada. The stand-alone program and database can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Canadian Vehicle Specifications

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