Trantech / ARSoftware
phone 425.861.4666
toll-free 800.836.0831
fax 877.334.0905

Software Support

ARSoftware offers free technical support to licensees. 

  • Please review the Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information and implement recommended solutions prior to calling for assistance. The FAQ page is the single-best source of information and will help you solve most problems.
  • For personalized help, call us at 425.861.4666, fax your information to 877.334.0905, or you can request technical support via email.
  • ARSoftware will respond to any operational software problem or a request for further information without cost to the licensee.
  • Please have your serial number available when you call.
  • Extended technical assistance with a specific reconstruction project can be obtained by mutual agreement.

Additional Resources