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Software Prices and Discounts

AITools WinSMAC 1.20
Update from 1.0
AITools WinCRASH 2.20
Update from 1.1
   Update from 2.0 
AITools Linear Momentum 1.20
Update from 1.01
AITools Equations 2.20
      Update from 2.0
AITrucks Brake Efficiency 1.20
Update from 1.01

ARSoftware offers volume discounts on orders of two or more products at full list price. The standard shipping and handling cost within the U.S. is a flat fee of $9.00. Software is delivered via download or email and manuals are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Contact ARSoftware for pricing and delivery method on large orders or for delivery to international destinations.

Purchase orders will only be accepted from approved government agencies.

Contact ARSoftware for pricing and delivery options on large orders or if faster delivery is required.

The following discount schedule applies when ordering two or more full-priced ARSoftware products:

Total List Price Total Discount
$250 to $499 5%
$500 to $999 10%
$1,000 to $1,999 15%
Over $2,000 20%
Network Pricing Contact ARSoftware

Please call if you have any questions.